15 Things Your Parents Didn't Tell You About Your FEELINGS

1. Feelings are our WI-FI connection to others. That how we pick up good and bad vibes from others. 

2. Feelings are not accidental, they are either created by our thoughts or the thoughts of others

3. Your feelings can be your greatest gift from the Universe or your worst nightmare from hell.

4. Negative feelings are 'benevolent teachers of love' in disguise

5. If you do not care about your feelings, no one else will either.

6.Our soul speaks to us through our feelings in words we can clearly understand. Sedating and medicating our feelings cuts you off from the guidance our soul is offering us.

7. People only get to 'deliberately' hurt me once and then they are out of my life. That's called self-love.

8. My feelings tell me if I am on-track or off-track with my thinking.

9. Feelings never lie to you, thoughts often times do.

10. The worst crime society committed against you was to make you afraid of your very own feelings.

11. Good feelings GUIDE you to good things. Bad Feelings guide you to bad things.

12. Feelings are not to be medicated and sedated, they are to be understood and loved. 

13. It is not what you think that causes you problems, it is how you feel about what you think that does.

14. Good feeling make life worth living, bad feeling makes life a living hell.

15. If you are not in charge of your feelings, your feelings will be manipulated and controlled by others. 

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How the World Was REALLY Created - A Friendly Story

AUTHOR NOTE: The truth be told, in the end, we all could be wrong about our God stories and what we believe about heaven and hell and how the earth was created. A story about how how everything was 'really' created has floated around in my head for years.. 
Every time I thought about the story, it had a ring of truth in it for me. This is the first time I have ever put the story in my head to words written on paper. If you feel inspired to do so, after reading my story of creation, let me know if it has a 'ring of truth' in it for you too.
There was a BIG BANG and God appears not in the 
universe but 'as the universe'.

He existed before the big bang but no one was around to acknowledge his existence. In fact, no one was around to acknowledge his existence for millions of years.

God loved the ever expanding universe he was creating but after awhile God became bored. He had created many galaxies, stars, planets and solar systems but as wonderful and beautiful as that all was, He was very, very bored.

God made a fateful decision.

He decided to create millions of smaller gods and goddesses in his image and likeness so he would have many, many friends and playmates and no longer be bored.

These millions of gods and goddess were just like God, they could do anything instantly. They could go anywhere instantly. They could have anything they wanted instantly. They could also be anything they wanted to be in an instant. They could be a butcher, a baker or candle stick maker. They didn't have to train for those positions, they thought it and became what they thought in an instant.

For awhile these smaller gods were entertained with their ability to create 'instantly' everything. The moment they thought it, it appeared or it happened.

The moment they wanted sex with a beautiful buxom woman, she appeared. The moment they wanted sex with a tall, dark and handsome stranger, he appeared.

Whatever the little god's wanted in an instant they could have it. A gourmet meal fit for a King appeared in an instant and then it was gone. A vacation on Krypton was thought of and in an instant the smaller gods were there.

After awhile these smaller god became bored too. They found out that, as invisible souls, being able to do anything, create anything, manifest anything instantly, after a while, was boring.....

A few of the smaller gods start grumbling and complaining and soon all the smaller gods, millions and millions of them were whining and complaining at a fever pitch..

They were beginning to plan to revolt against God but God upon hearing of their plan came up with an brilliant creative idea. An idea that would take the 'boredom out of boring' and make life for his 'smaller gods' a thrilling adventure they would never forget.

God gathered all the smaller gods together and told them of his plan to give them 3 dimensional bodies so they could no longer do anything instantly.

They would have to deal with obstacles such time and space, rocks and waters and all kind of physical objects that would make it challenge for them to create in the 3D world what they could create instantly in their spirit world.

God pointed to the Plant Earth and explained the 3D bodies he would give each of them would be a custom made space suit made for the earth's atmosphere.  He explained to them that their space suit would fit so tightly to their invisible soul that they wouldn't be able to tell where their soul ended and their human space suit began.

God then instructed them to make a 'game plan' for living on the planet Earth. He told them to write down the kind of parents they wanted, where they would live on earth, how many brothers and sisters they wanted. He also told them to decide how many friends and relatives they wanted and what kind of personalities they wanted them to have.

He also told them to pick out the kinds of things they would like to do while living in a 3D body. He told them to use their imagination and they did. Their imagination ranged from being a lawyer, doctor and scientist to being a race car driver, sky diver, crook, liar, murderer and drug dealer.

These smaller gods had brilliant imaginations and the list of things they wanted to be and do grew and grew. Finally God told them to pick the year they wanted to die and how they wanted to die.

The smaller gods did what God requested they do... And then just before God was ready to flip the switch sending them down the Celestial fallopian tube to earth, they realize that since they create their game plan and already knew how it was going to turn out, that too would be booooooring.....

They explained to God that his idea was a bad idea because they would still be bored... He said, not to worry. he had a big, big surprise for them.

The smaller gods ask what the surprise was.

I can't tell you that or it wouldn't be a surprise, God replied.

Are you ready to go to planet earth, he ask the smaller Gods?

YES they all said at once...

Are you sure we won't be bored God?

God replied: I promise you won't be bored. You will have worries, drama and upsets, victories and defeats. You will be happy and sad. You will laugh and cry. You will have good sex, bad sex and no sex at all. You will have lot of money and no money at all. You will party hard and make yourself sick but you definitely won't be bored.

And with his finally words to his smaller gods he flipped the switch and the souls of millions of smaller god's went sliding down the Celestial fallopia tubes to the planet Earth

As they were sliding towards earth they noticed something strange happening, they began to forget everything they knew when they were with God.

The moment the 'slide ride' ended and they touched the Earth they passed out. When they woke up they couldn't remember a thing.

They couldn't remember who they were or where they came from. Everything was brand new to them. With their memories erased by God, the 'earth games' began.


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-- Frederick Zappone

How the World Was REALLY Created
Copyrighted 2013