15 Things Your Parents Didn't Tell You About Your FEELINGS

1. Feelings are our WI-FI connection to others. That how we pick up good and bad vibes from others. 

2. Feelings are not accidental, they are either created by our thoughts or the thoughts of others

3. Your feelings can be your greatest gift from the Universe or your worst nightmare from hell.

4. Negative feelings are 'benevolent teachers of love' in disguise

5. If you do not care about your feelings, no one else will either.

6.Our soul speaks to us through our feelings in words we can clearly understand. Sedating and medicating our feelings cuts you off from the guidance our soul is offering us.

7. People only get to 'deliberately' hurt me once and then they are out of my life. That's called self-love.

8. My feelings tell me if I am on-track or off-track with my thinking.

9. Feelings never lie to you, thoughts often times do.

10. The worst crime society committed against you was to make you afraid of your very own feelings.

11. Good feelings GUIDE you to good things. Bad Feelings guide you to bad things.

12. Feelings are not to be medicated and sedated, they are to be understood and loved. 

13. It is not what you think that causes you problems, it is how you feel about what you think that does.

14. Good feeling make life worth living, bad feeling makes life a living hell.

15. If you are not in charge of your feelings, your feelings will be manipulated and controlled by others. 

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