7 Lessons Life Taught Me.

Seven Lessons Life Taught Me
© 2014 By Frederick Zappone

1. When I don't want to know how powerful I am, I PROJECT
my power away from myself and into people and things outside myself.

2. Feeling powerless does not mean I am powerless, it is only
a feeling that will change when I change my thoughts.

3. Thinking money was the ULTIMATE power STOPPED me
from discovering that, in my life, I was the Ultimate power.

4. Fearful thoughts make me FOCUS on what I don't want
while thoughts of love cause me to focus on what I DO want.

5. In the past, my allegiance to my fearful thoughts and feelings
kept me feeling flawed and defective when I was not.

6. Whatever I FOCUS my attention on, I attract more of the same.

7. What I see and feel on the inside of me, with the passage
of time, always shows up on the outside of me



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