Growing up as an Overly-Sensitive Emotional STRAIGHT Male

Growing up, I was overly sensitive. I got hurt easier than I wanted to admit. What was worse is I was a man and men were not suppose to be emotional. we were suppose to be the strong, silent type. On the outside I appeared strong but on the inside, emotionally, I suffered a lot. No one knew I suffered because I hid it well. 

Being overly sensitive and getting hurt easily is what made me become interested in self-help materials. Over the years I devoured hundreds if not thousands of self-help books and programs to help me deal with my sensitive feelings and nothing helped. I even went into therapy and took pills but they didn't help either. 

In fact, the harder I worked at getting better, the worse I got.......UNTIL 

Until I decided I had enough suffering. Once I made that decision, I committed myself to doing whatever it took to achieve a powerful way of thinking and a peaceful state of mind and I did. 

Everything I learned about becoming the master of my thoughts and emotions I put into a little self-help program I wrote called Thought Mastery. If you have ever had an issue of any kind with your thoughts and/or emotions, you will love my little program.  - Frederick Zappone, author, Love is All I Know (Amazon)


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