Help Megan Sarah Grayce

We can't help everyone but we can help 
someone every day. Let's Help Megan Today

Megan is raising money for a Used Car Needed Badly. Click to Donate: 

Help Megan with your prayers, guidance, and money. If you have a good running old car you are willing to donate to her, even better.  READ HER STORY. She is an inspiring and courageous woman. Please share this page with others. I know if this page reaches enough people, Megan's need will be met. - Frederick Zappone, Author, Love is All I Know (Amazon)

If we don't help each other, who will? God is not going to step 
in and help us, except on very rare occasions, because he gave 
us the power, at the time of our birth, to help one another. 


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