Gratitude, the single most powerful ATTRACTION Attitude

When you are not grateful for what you have, it will be taken away from you. That is no idle threat or superstitious belief on my part, that was reality for me.  

I was a very ungrateful young man and the more ungrateful I was, the worse my life got. The lack of gratitude, on my part, resulted in two of my children dying unexpectedly. 

In addition, I ended up bankrupt and divorced not once but twice.  Instead of being grateful for what I had, I was always complaining and focusing on what I wanted that I didn't have.  As a result of my ingratitude, all that I had was taken away from me.  

Fortunately for me, as bad as that part of my life was, being a grateful person turned my life completely around from one of lack to one of abundance in all areas of my life including in the areas of love, health and money. Today, I am not only grateful for what I have, I am grateful to be able to share every good thing I know about the power of gratitude with others. - Frederick Zappone