How the subconscious mind restored atrophied optic nerves -True Story

There is the well-known, duly authenticated case of Madame Bire of France, recorded in the archives of the medical department of Lourdes, France. She was blind, the optic nerves were atrophied and useless. She visited Lourdes and had what she termed a miraculous healing. 

Ruth Cranston who investigated and wrote about healings at Lourdes in McCall’s magazine, November, 1955, writes about Madame Bire as follows: 

“At Lourdes she regained her sight incredibly, with the optic nerves still lifeless and useless, as several doctors could testify after repeated examinations. A month later, upon re-examination, it was found that the seeing mechanism had been restored to normal. But at first, so far as medical examination could tell, she was seeing with ‘dead eyes.’ 

Madame Bire was not healed by the waters of the shrine, but by her own subconscious mind which responded to her belief.  The healing principle within her subconscious mind responded to the nature of her thought. Belief is a thought in the subconscious mind that is accepted as true.

The thought accepted executes itself automatically. Undoubtedly, Madame Bire went to the shrine with expectancy and great faith, knowing in her heart she would receive a healing. Her subconscious mind responded accordingly, releasing the ever present healing forces. The subconscious mind which created the eye can certainly bring a dead nerve back to life. What the creative principle created, it can recreate. According to your belief is it done unto you.

Murphy, Joseph,  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (p. 25). Martino Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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