I would LOVE to see this happening in #FERGUSION


What follows are my thoughts after watching the video. - Frederick Zappone

Racism isn't going to be solved with Protests and Violence,

It is going to be solved with love, compassion and understanding

I find it very sad that so many black and white people see one another as the enemy. The blacks fear the whites and the whites fear the blacks. As I see it, 'the real problem is FEAR' and whites and blacks not seeing each other, first, as human beings, made by the same creator that made you and me. 

I want to do something to make the situation better but protesting, blaming and making each other wrong about our 'differences' doesn't seem to be the answer. Got any suggestions what I can do to make things better?  I believe the 'pen is mightier than than sword' and I will use your suggestions to write articles that inspire, encourage and empower blacks and whites to become one with each other. To send me your comments and suggestions, click here - Frederick Zappone

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