The #1 Self-Sabotage Method I used. (Don't use it any more)

I cannot stress this bit of self-wisdom enough

Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract) and in fact pushes away from us the very things we want.

I was guilty as sin of repeatedly trying too hard. I tried too hard for such a long, long time, it turned into a bad habit of thought that was keeping all the good things I wanted at a distance from me, always just outside my reach.  

To break the 'trying too hard' habit, I had to become aware of every instant I was trying too hard and IMMEDIATELY stop it by backing off from whatever I was doing that was causing me to experience unnecessary struggle and stress.

It took time to give up the 'trying too hard' habit of thought but it was worth it because since I have given it up, the things I was trying so hard to get have started showing up in my life with very little effort at all. In fact, these days, I only take action when I feel inspired to take it, when the action feels good to take as opposed to taking action full of effort and struggle.  Personal experience has conclusively proven to me that inspired action attracts while actions filled with effort and struggle push away from us what we want.

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