A Really, Really BAD Day is an ALERT SIGNAL.

As positive as we are, we all have bad days, even the people who are superhero's in the self improvement business have bad days. I have talked to many of them so I know...
Now it is not necessarily that we are having a bad day as much as we are we are having a bad mood that is covering over our day, making the day itself seem like a bad day.

Really, Really BAD days are an ALERT SIGNAL. Depending on your situation, your bad day could be alerting you to the following:

1. You are taking yourself and life (job, health, relationship, money) way too seriously.
2. You are worried about something you have absolutely no control over.
3. Your attention is focused almost exclusively on what you DON'T want.
4. You forgot to be grateful for all the good things you DO have.
5. It is time for you to chill out, relax, go play.
6. It is time for you to make a major change in your life.
7. It is time for you to take that vacation you have been putting off.
8. It's time to get rid of friends who criticize you and hold you back.
9. You're being a perfectionist, lighten up, be gentle with yourself
10. You have lost your sense of humor, it is time to go find it.

 At least this didn't happen to you today.

FASTEST was through a bad feeling or mood is 
to intensely feel what you feel (without judging 
it in any way) instead of resisting what you  feel. 

This too shall pass. Hug a tree, have a glass of wine,
allow your mind to play. Express gratitude for what you 
have will remove the bad mood from your good day.

Some days a BAD mood is ALERTING you to the fact 
that you have overdosed on other people's bullshit

My passion is inspiring and EMPOWERING YOU
with my words. In return your donations INSPIRE
and empower me. - Frederick Zappone

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