The 200 lb Man and a 9 lb Dog Named Mimi

You would think, a 200 pound man (me) could handle a 9 lb dog named Mimi. If you thought that, you would be WRONG. 

You see, Mimi has a King Kong complex. She sees a dog 10 times bigger than her and start trying to go after it. I grab her, put her under my arm and hold her tight. In a flash, she squirts out of my arm like wet soap in the shower on a sweaty hot summer's day. She starts running towards the bigger dog as I'm running after her. Just as the other dog is about a foot from her, Mimi leaves out this BLOOD CURDLING Sasquatch growl. The moment she does, the other dog puts his tail between his legs and start running for his life as Mimi chases after him as I chase after her. The good news is, my heart's still works and though I felt I had, I didn't sh*t my pants.  - Frederick Zappone author, Secrets on the Road To Success 

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