Why I will never Resist a POLICEMAN or give him lip in any way

The media will never pick up this story but if you share it, it increases the chances they will

I AM AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY but if a cop stops me, I am not going to give him lip or stop him from doing his job no matter how wrong I think he might be. You see, he is human too and his job is dangerous and whether he will admit or not, often times, he feels fear on the job. if I give him lip or resist him, he is going to see me as a threat to his life and once that happens, he will go on 'automatic pilot' and bad things will happen that he never intended to happen and once the bad is done, it cannot be undone. The cops are not my enemies, they are my friends, they protect my neighborhood and make it safe for me to be me while they face the possibility of losing their life every single day to protect me.

An NYC tourist was at the right place at the right time when she spotted Officer DePrimo kneeling down and helping a barefoot, homeless man to put on boots he’d purchased for the man on a cold winter night

An officer in Norway stops traffic to let a duck and her family safely cross. 

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