Stress is my friend, I love it, here is why.

The reason I love stress is because it is an ALERT signal. It alerts me that my body and mind are not working in harmony with one another. 

Stress ALERTS me when my mind is not living where my body lives. The 'moment' is the only place my body can live in peace with my mind. When the mind is elsehwere the body stresses.

Stress ALERTS me when my body is living in one place and my mind is living some place else. The moment my mind and body are living in the same place at the same time, the stress I feel dissolves.

Stress also ALERTS ME.

1. When I am trying to hard.
2. When I'm attempting to force things to happen.
3. When I am living in a state of fear, doubt or worry.
4. When I am afraid of losing control of a situation.
5. When I am allowing people to put pressure on me.
6. When I am compromising my immune system.
7. When I'm thinking thoughts that are taking me further away from what I want.
8. When my mind tries to do the next thing while my body is still doing the last thing.

These ALERTS signals give me the opportunity to slow down and breathe. 

They also give me the opportunity to change my thoughts to less stressful ones and/or makes decision to do things differently so I do not continue to live a stressful life that is harmful to me. 

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