Praise GOD....

I am part saint, part sinner, fully human, fully divine and I live in peace with both sides. Praise God.

Never thought I would be a God PRAISER but ever since I found GOD within, I Praise and thank God daily for the blessings God gives me and the AMAZING life I live.

My fear of God made me hate the people who talked to me about God UNTIL I began feeling the 'presence' of God coursing through my own veins.

When I feel stressed out or tense, that is God ALERTING me to take a break, chill out, relax, go play and I do. 

The Bible is made up of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Testament means Covenant, Covenant means Agreement. The old agreement was fear-based. The new agreement is love based. Throw out the old testament and live the new. Praise God.

The God in the old testament was the God of Control, the God in the new testament is the God of Unconditional Love. Praise God.

Any belief you have about God that hurts you or others, in any way, is a false belief. Praise God

If you're religious beliefs make you feel bad, they are the wrong beliefs for you. Praise God

God never makes us feel bad, that's what people do when God is absent from their hearts.

Once I got over my fear of dying, it was easy to fall asleep knowing God protected me.

The way God most often answers our prayers is through an inspired thought or an idea to try something new that we never tried before. Praise God

God is my partner. I do all that I can do and when I hit the wall and I'm stopped dead in my tracks, God steps in and does what I cannot do. Praise God.

God never harms anyone for the God I know is the God of unconditional love which means he love all of us with no one left out. Praise God.

If you are afraid of God, you are afraid of a counterfeit version of God, a man-made version, not the real God. Praise God

If you feel you have to defend God, you don't know God, you know a counterfeit version of God. God is God, God does not need defended. Praise God.

"Where does God live," my son asked one Sunday morning. I answered: "Son, he lives in the present moment, I live there too". Praise God

When you feel GOD's presence in your heart, no one can convince you that God does not exist. They can't even make you doubt God's existence for one second. Praise God.

God is not a belief, dogma, doctrine, God is a presence you feel within. Praise God

You only need PROOF that GOD exists when you are looking without rather than within.

God's real name is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Praise God

It does not matter if others do not believe God exists, it only matter that you believe God exists. Praise God

The MIND can never find God. The HEART recognizes the presence of God instantly. The Mind is a Conflict maker, a trouble maker, The HEART is a problem solver and a peace maker.


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