Michael Brown is DEAD! (Your Opinion Doesn't Change That)

Everyone has an opinion about the Michael Brown shooting. Who is right and who is wrong? Everyone is right, in their own mind, according to what they believe. I have an opinion too but I don't share it. What for, to defend my opinion or to argue with people who believe differently than I do. I don't see any reason to disagree or argue with anyone about the Michael Brown case because it doesn't change what happened. The only two people who know what happened, with absolute certainty, are Michael Brown and the police officer. Michael is dead and the police officer is alive and none of our opinions will bring Michael back to life.. Being angry and destructive about what happened keeps people stuck in the past replaying the hurtful event over and over again. Change for the better begins to happen when people accept what happened and look for solutions that benefit everyone so that what happened in the past won't happen in the future. For myself, I believe we have the technological smarts to create alternative weapons that put people to sleep temporarily, without harming them in any way, rather than putting people to sleep permanently with bullets from guns.

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