The No BS Approach to Abundance

FACT: Thoughts produce feelings.

FACT: Feelings are the first physical evidence, something good or bad, is coming true for you. Don't like what is coming true, change your thoughts.

FACT: Whatever you FOCUS your attention on, you attract, into your life, more of the same. 

FACT: To have abundance you must, first, feel it.

FACT: Whatever feels real to you becomes real for you. 

FACT: Whatever feels real to you, you bring forth into your physical reality. 

Don't believe me?  Check into your own experiences and you will see, that you have in your life, right now, the results of what you felt in the past. 

If you have abundance, it is because you felt abundance in the past which then led you to take inspired actions that produced abundance in your life. 

If you have scarcity, it is because you felt it in the past which then led you to take actions that pushed abundance away from you. Whatever you have in your life is a result of feeling it real.

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