We DISGRACE the Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

We disgrace the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. by honoring the man but disrespecting his teachings.

There a lot of chaos in our world today because the world is no longer ruled by love and self-respect, it is ruled by people who are controlled by their emotions.  

The world is ruled by emotional reactionaries. You see it in the paper everyday, people making decisions and taking action driven by the emotions of fear, rage, anger and greed.  These people no longer think before they speak or act, instead they REACT to people and situations.

The world is controlled by people whose emotions have taken over control of their personality and dictate every thought they think and every action they take. 

Commonsense, sanity and respect for others is being pushed out of society by people who have so little love and respect for themselves that they have no choice but to disrespect and mistreat everything and anything that does not mirror their reactionary bad self.


The very thing you fear the most lives inside of you, the fear of your own thoughts and feelings (or your thoughts about other people's thoughts.. STILL your thoughts). 

Your fear of your own thoughts and feelings causes you to project them outside of yourself and place them on the shoulders of others, causing you to blame others for your troubles. 

As long as your fear-based emotions rule your thoughts and actions you will never be victorious, you will always end up the victim. It does not matter how many emotional wars you win, in the end, you will be a powerless, helpless victim. 

If you are not the master of your thoughts and feelings, 
the thoughts and feelings of others will be your master

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