Women, the most DANGEROUS, Vindictive People in the world

Under certain conditions, women can be most vindictive people in the world. Don't ever cross a woman's 'line in the sand' or her sense of justice and fair play. Once you cross that line, if it takes her a lifetime, she will nail your ass. There is nothing more dangerous than a used, abused, jilted or cheat on woman, just ask Bill Cosby.  Men may have more physical strength but when it comes to 'righting a wrong' or getting even, women have more mental and emotional endurance.  Women want to be loved, respected and treated as equals. When you treat them any less than that, there will come a time when a woman will punish you for your thoughtlessness. Payback is a bitch is not just a cliche, it is also the truth.

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  1. I think the reason they can be the most dangerous and vindictive is because of their mothering instincts, to protect the children, at all costs. I think it is these instincts that give them the strength and endurance to 'right wrongs' that men do not have. - Bobby C.