Frederick Zappone For President 2016 ( Political Thoughts)

People in government lie because of fear. We will remove 
fear from our government.

We will no longer invade other countries but we will inspire 

and empower world leaders to take good care of their people.

We will give generously to other countries but not at the 

expense of neglecting to take care of our own.

We will adopt the 'live and let live' philosophy.  We will not 

attack others but will ruthlessly defend ourselves if attacked. 

Frederick Zappone for President in 2016

Never thought I was qualified to be President of the United States but the current group of candidates running for office have convinced me I am. They have actually convinced me that I am over qualified. I really see myself as a RESPECTFUL version of Donald Trump. I am concerned about the same issues but not at the expense of excluding people. I will admit that I don't have his money but I have more power than he does because I know who I truly am and he does not. If you want a Candidate who is committed to having a world that works for everyone with no one left out. I am your man. I don't have all the answers but I know the people who do have the answers, the best of the best. To read my platform, click here