The Night My HIGHER SELF Took Control of My Body.

About 16 years ago before I met Vona, I dated another girl. We were sitting back in the corner of the bar when a fight broke out. We were trapped in the corner and the only way out was through the fight.

I was watching the fight and hoping someone would step in and break up the fight but no one did.. Then, for reasons I cannot explain, I felt this incredible calm and without thinking twice I got up from my table and waded into the middle of the fight.

I got between the two guys. I pushed the one guy backwards and yelled at the people standing there to grab him while I worked on calming the other guy down. Without thinking, I intuitively put the palm of my hand on the middle of the guy's chest. His heart was beating so fast and hard I thought it was going to jump right out of his chest.

While I had the open palm of my left hand on his chest over his heart area, my right hand was intuitively led to his back. I started rubbing the middle of his back in circular fashion. Instantly he started calming down.

He began telling me what happened.

The other guy was drunk and hitting on his wife and he just lost it.  As I continued to rub his back he spontaneously hugged me and thanked me for breaking up the fight and then suddenly he stepped back in shock realizing he just hugged a man in a bar full of men.

It was apparent to me that he had no idea what had just happened to his 'energy field’ and to tell you the truth, neither did I. Something or someone was working through me.

The man went back to his wife. The manager threw the other guy out of the bar. I went back to my seat and sat down. The manager came over and thanked me and gave us free drinks. She told me their bouncer was off sick that night and they were lucky I was there that night.

After the manager left, I unexpectedly burst into tears. After the fact, I realized I just did something that was very dangerous to do since both men had broken beer bottles in their hands. It was then I realized that higher part of my personality intervened and did what needed to be done that I could not myself do because anyone who knows me knows I dislike physical violence and I am a coward at heart.

The lesson I learned is that when fear is absent, all things are possible. The whole time I was in that 'spontaneous altered state of mind' I did not feel fear or have any concerns for my safety.

Looking back at that experience, since my girlfriend (at that time) and myself were trapped in the corner, the higher part of my personality took over control of my body for the good of all. I also believe because I had been into self-love for many years, my love for myself and for all those different than myself made it possible for the higher part of my personality to take over control and do for me what I could not do for myself.  This story was excerpted from my latest book titled: More LIFE INSIGHTS From The Wizard


I have had many strange experiences happen to me in my life. One of them is when the crucifix with my sister's ashes in it, that I wore around my neck, turned from SILVER into a GOLD for no logical reason that I can explain. Another story for another day.

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