Unhappiness is an ALERT Signal

Unhappiness is always an ALERT SIGNAL, from your subconscious mind, that you are not loving yourself sufficiently. It is impossible to be unhappy if you love yourself sufficiently. 

Unhappiness is really a code word for self-hate. The world around you is constantly bombarding you with news that will make you hate yourself. It constantly reminds you that you don't eat enough of the right things, it reminds you that you eat too many of the wrong things.

It reminds you that you don't exercise often enough, that you weigh too much, that you are not good enough, smart enough, deserving enough.

The world around you works hard in trying to control you by making you 'feel bad' about yourself in some way, In fact, the only way the world around you can control you is by convincing you that you are flawed or defective in some way when you are not.

Genuine self-love is about accepting yourself EXACTLY as you are without judging yourself in any way.

Self-love It is not an act of selfishness as some people would have you believe. Self-love is a powerful act of self-care. The more you love and care for yourself the better equipped you are to care for and love all others different than yourself.

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Frederick Zappone

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