Kicking UNGRATEFUL People out of your life.

Being responsible for ourselves means not tolerating or putting up with the disrespectful and ungrateful behavior of others. Why is this important? Because anything we tolerate or put up with we attract more of the same. In other words, we will attract more people, into our life who will disrespect us and not appreciate us for the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core people we truly are. 

When faced with disrespectful and ungrateful people, it is better to walk away from them and live alone than spend one more second with people who do appreciate and respect the person that you are. 

Allowing disrespectful and ungrateful people to remain in your life is toxic poison to the human soul. These kind of people will not inspire and empower you. Instead they will drain you of your power and rob you of your energy and vitality and  leave you feeling bitter and resentful and not fully understanding why. 

In the final analysis, it is better to have one person in your life who respects you and is grateful to have you part of their life than a thousand people who do not. 

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