Allowing INSPIRATION To Happen To You (Article)

When I first started writing I would get an inspired idea and try and put that idea to paper but could not because as soon as I tried to do that, inspiration left me.  Through 'trial and error' I discovered my inspired thoughts and feelings went away when I tried to force inspiration rather than allowing inspiration to happen to me. 

Once I got into the habit of allowing inspiration to happen to me I have been able to write continuously for twelve straight hours and be more energized when I was finished writing for the day than when I started.

Once I am in that 'inspired state of mind' everything that happens around me during my day become the 'raw materials' out of which my next inspired ideas and actions show up. 

These days, after  I wake up, and before I do anything else in the morning, I ALLOW myself to be inspired by the organizing intelligence of the universe that is the SOURCE of all inspiration. 
I allow myself to be inspired by randomly reading 'this or that,' looking at 'this or that,' listening to 'this or that' until inspiration takes over my mind and body. Once that happens I am set to have a very productive day.  In the beginning, the fear of not being inspired prevented inspiration from taking over my mind and body. I no longer have that fear.

When I started ALLOWING myself to be inspired, inspiration, most often, took over my mind and body when I was in the shower or cleaning the house.  I've noticed inspiration always washed over me when I mentally 'let go' of wanting to be inspired.  


Because I got myself into the habit of acting on my inspired thoughts, no matter what, I can become inspired instantly. This happens because I have always expressed gratitude for the inspired thoughts given to me. As a result of being grateful for them the Universe floods my mind with inspired thoughts as often as I want them.

My method for becoming inspired is the same for me every morning. I wake up, take the dogs out, get my coffee, sit down in front of my computer and start looking at 'this or that' while listening to my favorite inspirational audio file or music. 

At some point after I start doing 'this or that' inspiration automatically takes over my mind and body and I am off and running for the day.

"An Inspired Life Is The Only Kind Of Life To Live"

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