Eight Inspiring PROSPERITY One Liners January 8, 2017

Quotations Courtesy Zappone's Money Mastery Site

  • What you don't know about money is stopping you from having the money you want.
  • Some people prefer to see money as the root of all evil. I prefer to see money as the root of all good.
  • As a spiritual person you can do more good in this world with money than you can without it.
  • The number of stupid rich people I know proves to me that you don't have to be smart to become rich.
  • Money Worries BLIND you and prevent you from see the money making opportunities that will work for you.
  • Is it hard for you to make the money you want? If it is, you are doing it the wrong way for you.
  • Making Money in Abundance is EASY to do if you believe it is and if you don't for you it will be hard.
  • If you are a good person without money, you will be a better person with money.


 WORST BOOK I EVER READ - Amazon Review By Charles Lenning

This review for reasons I cannot explain caused people to buy three times as many of my books as they bought before when another person  posted a 5 STAR review, - Frederick Zappone

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