He Read my MONEY Article.. I can't believe what he said.

I received this lovely comment, a few minutes ago, from an anonymous reader of my blog after he read one of my articles about money.

Comment: I bet you have money. Prick. 

He won't be the first person who called me a prick or the last one.  I actually smiled when I read the comment because I immediately knew this guy doesn't know squat about attracting money

In fact his comment tells me his attitudes and beliefs about money are so deeply rooted in the lack and scarcity of it that he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of having the money he wants unless he drastically changes his attitudes about money.  

People who know how to attract money never have anything unkindly to say about people who have money

'People complain about rich people until they become rich themselves'


  1. It is ignorance and insecurity that makes people lash out, it is our job as those who know better to send them unconditional love. They need our help.

  2. As Mastin Kipp says, love the haters. They are there to remind you why you are where you are and to make you think about how grateful you are to be where you are, and not where they are.