How To Use the Law of Attraction To Sell Your STUFF

The insight (see below) about using the law of attraction to sell your products or services is part of my daily Law of Attraction Insight and Reminders. This is insight  #26 out of 365. Along with my Daily LOA insights you receive FREE law of attraction coaching.  To sign up and receive my Daily LOA insights plus free coaching, click here

When using the L.O.A. to market your product or services you never try to convince anyone of anything and you don't ever try to sell a thing to anyone.  Instead you share the benefits of your products and services coming from an unconditional, no strings attached, heart. And you never care who does and does not purchase your product or services.  

When you share the benefits of your products and services you are planting 'thought' SEEDS in the mind of others. The L.O.A. in accordance with your 'good feeling' thoughts will then cause the seeds you plant to bear fruit in abundance in the form of money back to you.

The only action to take when selling your STUFF using the law of attraction is INSPIRED ACTION. Any other form of action you take will either slow down the process of people buying your stuff or stop them altogether. It is the law of attraction that makes all things go VIRAL.

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