Making your Fears DISAPPEAR

Fear is something that has been programmed into you since birth. The only fear you should ever concern yourself with is if you are in immediate physical danger.  If that is the case take whatever action is necessary to guarantee your physical safety. Other than that, 99% of your fears are imagined and it is your imagined fears that stop you from effortlessly attracting every good thing you want.


When it comes to knowing the difference between a 'real or imagined' fear use the 6 foot Rule by asking yourself this question:

Is there anything, anything at all, within 6 feet of me right now, this very moment, that can harm me in any way? 

If your answer is NO, your fear is imagined. 

Imaged fears do not go away by thinking about them, that makes them worse and increases their strength and power over you because whatever you think about you bring about. 

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