Are You a 'Natural Born Attractor' of the GOOD you want?

I was born into a culture where hard work to get what you wanted was not only revered it was shouted from the roof tops.  

Everything about my culture screamed at me that if I worked hard I would reap the rewards and if I didn't, I would reap nothing at all but pain, heartache, and shame.

Well I am here to tell you from years of personal experience that way of thinking is pure bullshit.  I can point out to you millions of people who worked their asses off all of their life and ended up with nothing. 

I can point out to you millions of hard working people who worked very, very hard to earn the least amount of money. I bought into the ‘hard work’ way of thinking early on in my life but it never worked for me. No matter how hard I worked I never got what I wanted. 

In fact the harder I worked to achieve the success I wanted, the less success I had.. It was only when I stopped working hard that my life changed for the better in all ways. When I stopped working hard I discovered that was a 'natural born attractor' of all the good I want.
All I have to do is think about what I want until it turns it into a feeling. Once I feel what I want, my feelings acting like 'cosmic magnets' go out into the Universe and attract back to me the good I want.  

Any attempt on my part to pursue or chase what I want pushes what I want away from me. Everything I know about being a 'natural born attractor' I put into my book titled:

How To Produce SPECTACULAR Results With Effortless Action

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