To get the RESULTS you want Make PEACE with the Dark Side of your personality, also known as the Shadow side.

We all have a dark side to our personality. It is that part of our personality we are afraid of because we do not fully understand it.  

It is that part of us that always stops us from having what we want. It is the saboteur that lives within us. The dark side of us, is US. 

It is that part of ourselves that we have rejected or disowned because we have judged it to be bad or ugly in some way. 

The problem with rejecting the dark side of our personality is until we make peace with it, it will always makes life hard for us and stop us from attracting to ourselves all the good things we want with no effort at all.  

If you have questions about living in peace and harmony with your dark side, write me by clicking here, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the dark side of the human personality. 

- Frederick Zappone

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