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Question:  What would happen if you donated at least $0.50 everyday to someone?

Answer: You would keep the cycle of abundance ALIVE and REAL in your own life. And if you had any issues of lack and scarcity issues, you would become conscious of them very quickly. 

In becoming 'conscious' of your lack and scarcity issues, without you having to do a thing other than becoming aware of them, they would immediately begin disappearing from your life.

Being conscious of unwanted things, in a non-judgmental way, makes them disappear rather than continue to operate on the subconscious level of your mind attracting more lack and scarcity to you.

Donating any amount of money to someone everyday will move you from the world of a lack and scarcity of money to the world of an abundance of money faster than anything else you can do for yourself. 

Watch the following video Change for a Dollar.

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