How to Give Up Your BELIEFS in Fear, Doubt and Worry.


Here is how you can tell the difference between an imagined fear versus a real fear.  When you are feeling fear ask yourself this question: Is there anything within 6 feet of me, right now, that can physically harm me. If there isn't, the fear you have is imagined. 

Imagined fears FEEL real because your nervous system can't tell the difference between an imagined fear versus a real fear.

The beliefs you have about fear, doubt and worry are your only real weakness. In 98% of the cases your fears doubts and worries are not real but your belief in them makes them real to you. 

A belief in fear, doubt or worry results in you having imagined fears. As I explain in my book Change Your Beliefs, if you persist in having imagined fears they will come true for you. It is your 'belief in your fears, doubts and worries' that cause trouble for you and makes unwanted problems persist. Here is a short list of the 'Fear Beliefs' People Have

The belief of not finding love.
The belief of not getting well.
The belief of not having enough money
The belief of a relationship not working out. 
The belief of losing something or someone you value.
The belief of not being successful in getting what you want.

Anxiety is caused by a form of imagined fear
Worry is caused by a form of imagined fear
Depression is caused by a severe form of imagined fear
Anger is also caused by a form of imagined fear

Everything that is not working in your life has it roots in fear.  To live a happier healthier lifestyle exchange your beliefs in fear for  beliefs that inspire and empower you rather than holding onto beliefs that drain you of energy and make you feel powerless.

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