I'm a Good Kind of CRAZY!. You should be so LUCKY.

I attract what I want, I don't pursue or chase after it. I sit in front of my computer for a couple of hours each morning and vividly think about what I want to attract to myself during the rest of my day. After spending time doing that I go about my day doing whatever I feel inspired to do. As a result of what I BELIEVE almost everything I want comes true for me during my day without pursuing it or chasing it in any way. 

When I first told my friends that I could attract what I wanted with my thoughts, they thought me crazy. They still think I'm crazy but these days, because of the results I am able to produce with my thoughts, they think of me being crazy in a good way.

In the beginning when I first began BELIEVING I could attract what I wanted with my thoughts, only 10% of the things I wanted came true during the course of my day. These days because my BELIEF is stronger I attract anywhere from 80% to 100% of what I want. My job is to get clear about what I want to attract. The more I get clear about what I want to attract on a daily basis, the higher  my success rate.  

How Beliefs Become Physical REALITY  

Once you have a belief about something your subconscious mind automatically begins the process of making that belief come true for you. In my cutting edge 'how to' book titled Change Your Beliefs I give you a detailed explanation (with 'real life' examples) about how your subconscious mind works to turn your beliefs into your physical reality. The fact is your existing reality (both the things you like and don't like) are a direct result of your current beliefs. To change undesirable circumstances into desirable ones, you first must change your beliefs.

Everything you want in life 
lives on the other side of your fears

In my book,  Change Your beliefs, I explain how changing your beliefs will eliminate 98% of your fears, doubts and worries. I explain, in detail, what a belief is and how you can easily change your beliefs so you think more thoughts that inspire and empower you and less thoughts that cause you to feel anxious, worried or depressed. In my book, I also explains how to recognize and let go of beliefs that sabotage, discourage and sometimes defeat you. To receive your copy of  Change Your Beliefs, click on the 'buy now' button located below. 


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