The Power of Doing NOTHING - For Women Only

I have attracted more good things to myself but doing nothing than I ever did by doing something. 

Now I wouldn't attract good things to myself by doing nothing if I didn't believe I could do it but since I do BELIEVE (without doubt) that I can attract what I want by doing nothing, I do. 

1. I attract love to myself by doing nothing.
2. I attract money to myself by doing nothing
3. I attract excellent health to myself by doing nothing.
4. I'm also able to dissolve physical or emotional pain by doing nothing.

I know there is a part of you that lives in disbelief that anyone can attract what you want by doing nothing.  And yet there is another part of you that desperately wants to believe you can attract what you want by doing nothing because you are so damn sick and tired of doing so much to get what you want and NEVER getting it. 


I coach people, free of charge, on how to attract to themselves what they want by doing nothing exactly the way I do it when they purchase a copy my book titled: Changing your Beliefs Changes Your Reality. To get your copy of my book plus free coaching, click this link:

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