Strange Possibilities

The majority of us believe in God although what we believe about God is vastly different depending on how we were raised. Thinking outside the box about what we collectively know about God, I want to offer you some strange possibilities.

What if everything, in the known universe,
including all life, all the planets, stars and
galaxies combined were nothing more than:

1. A single solitary cell on God's skin.
2. A speck of dust under God's microscope.
3. A tear in God's eye.
4. A dingleberry on God's butt

How small and insignificant would you feel then?

What if all the pieces of the known physical universe were individual pieces of God's cosmic body. What would that make us?

I think that would make us individualized portions of God's body expressed as a person, a planet, a tree, a blade of grass, a bug, a flower, a star, a galaxy tied together by all the spaces in between.

How would you feel then knowing that you are a part of God? That you are a piece of God, one with God? And that collectively all of the pieces of the known physical universe, including you and I, together made up "God"? I don't know about you but I would feel truly blessed!

God is the cup and we are the water.
God is the container and we are the content
God is the garden and we are the flowers
God is the pot and we are the stew.
God is life and we are too!


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