Becoming Truly Sane..

When you begin changing your REALITY, your mind will attempt to convince you that you are mad, that you are losing your sanity when, in fact, you are becoming truly sane for the first time in your life.

The mind likes controlling our lives and any thoughts that threaten its control of our lives stirs it up. When the mind is disturbed by thoughts that undermine it ability to control us, it will serve up to us every doubt and negative thought it has ever used on us, in the past, that has whipped us into shape and kept us under its control...

I call this experience the "thunderstorm of the mind" It sound fierce, it can feel terrifying but if you ride it out, like a thunderstorm in the summer sky, it will pass you by...


To refresh your memory about successful dealing with your mind when it is trying to control your life, refer to Spiritual Reflection #57 found in the Spiritual Reflection Handbook you received when you became a member of the Spiritual Success Club.

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