Taking back your POWER!

Negative thoughts only have power over you when you BELIEVE in them. The moment you believe in them, you give your power away to them....and not realizing this is what you have done, you give them more power over you by struggling, resisting, arguing and fighting with them in your mind.

All thoughts you think that make you feel negative in any way should be dismissed immediately because all negative thoughts are lies, pure and simple. They are lies, untruths, thoughts people passed on to you as truth when, in reality, they were lies in disguise.

Understand that all negative thoughts are lies and allow them to pass you by like dark clouds passing you by in the sky.

The only reason you won't let negative thoughts pass you by is because you BELIEVE your negative thoughts speak the truth about you and that scares you half to death.

When you are scared, you resist, argue and fight like heck, with anything negative, because you believe your survival is at stake. In reality, it is only one of your negative thoughts whose survival is at stake. Allow negative thoughts to pass you by and they will die...

By allowing negative thoughts to pass you by, you dissolve the power they have over you and your mind becomes clear to know the truth about yourself and the truth is, regardless of any negative thoughts you have, you have the power to create your future life exactly the way you want it to be.


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