Do we have power over others?

This answer may surprise you but we have absolutely no power over other people. That is why you can give our heart out to other people and make no difference at all. The only power we have over other people is the power they allows us to have over them. Without their permission, we have no power whatsoever over other people.

I have zip, zero, nada power over you. I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. I cannot influence you in any way unless you allow me to influence you..

If you understand that each of us is god in our own universe, you will discover that we all have equal power. I have the power to allow you to make a difference in my life or to stop you from making a difference. You have the power to allow me to make a difference in your life or stop me from making a difference. We are all equals when it comes to power..

If you don't see yourself as equal, in power, to all others, you have given your power away to others. However, you also have the POWER to take back the power you have given away to others any time you want....

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