Emotions: The Step-Child

Our intellect is consider vastly superior to our emotions. People receive awards and scholarships for having a superior intellect but when was the last time you heard of anyone receiving an award or scholarship for have a superior set of emotions? Never would be the answer.

The emotions are the neglected step-child of the human personality. We medicate feelings because we don't trust many of them. Rather than taking the time to understand that our feelings, both the positive and negative ones, are our connecting link to the "organizing intelligence of the Universe" that I call our HP, we opt for the quick fix.

Our feelings, both the positive and negative ones serve as our internal, infallible, compass. They tell us when we are thinking thoughts that strengthen us and when we are thinking thoughts that weaken us.

If we are cut off from our feelings through the use of medication, we are denied the opportunity to discover that all feelings serve us, especially the negative ones. The negatives one are benevolent teachers in disguise showing up in our lives to teach us lessons in love.

If we are cut off from those feelings, it stunts are spiritual growth and prevents us from connecting with the "divine spark" of God's intelligence that lives in each and every one of us. This prevent prevents us from developing a powerful connection with our HP that can guide us effortlessly to the fulfillment of our heart's desires.


"Once a person is afraid of their feelings, they are no longer in charge of their feelings, their feelings are in charge of them."


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