A Mind Blowing Spiritual Exercise

This spiritual exercise is akin to sky-diving or bungee jumping for the first time and it will blow your mind! It is not for everyone. You have to have a courageous heart and the spirit of an adventurer to successfully pull it off. If you have those things, do the following.

Consciously focus on everything negative for the next 72 hours.
Really get into focusing on the negative.
Drown yourself in negativity.
Wash yourself with negativity.
Roll in it, dig into it, get yourself dirty with it...

I am not going to tell you what will happen in the next 72 hours. I will only tell you that good things will happen that will blow your mind.... but you must consciously do this exercise. You cannot allow things negative to control you, you control them by consciously putting 100% of your focus on them.

To get you started, imagine a life with no money and no place to get it. Imagine being evicted and forced to become a homeless person. Imagine having a terminal illness. Imagine dying. Imagine no love in your life and no hope of ever having love in your life. Imagine how awful that feels....

Your ego will go nuts with this spiritual exercise.. In fact, your ego will do everything in its power to prevent you from doing this amazing, awesome, mind-blowing, life affirming, astonishing, life changing exercise. Do it any way and watch something miraculous unfold in your life...

If you do this exercise, post your experience of this exercise by clicking on the comment link below because your comments will benefit the more timid souls who need a little inspiration and encouragement to do this exercise themselves.

Note: Mind blowing spiritual exercises rarely make sense. I don't judge a spiritual exercise by whether it makes sense or not. I judge it by whether it works or not. If it works, I keep it and if it doesn't work, I delete it from my mind.


  1. Indeed the ego tries to do anything but that (the exercise)… At first it (ego) tried to do that by shifting my focus to something else. I was quite in doubt at first, too… Then I was thinking: do it and don’t - back and forth. At first I got the thought of don’t try it because of thoughts and feelings (when thoughts and feelings match they attract the same) and it’s better to focus on wants and giving it away to God etc… I decided to do it, however the more I got to putting it into practice “all hell broke loose” and I decided to stop the exercise for now.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thank you for sharing your experience of the Mind Blowing Spiritual Exercise with us.

    As I mentioned, you have to have the spirit of an adventurer to do this exercise and you are to be congratulated for attempting it. The fact is, the EGO absolutely does not want us to complete this exercise, for if we do, EGO will lose all power over us.. That why it is called a "mind blowing spiritual exercise", it literally blows away that part of our ego that is into self doubt and fear-based thinking.

    Frederick Zappone