Why do People Attract Trouble?

Living a "heaven on earth" life is easy to do but people attract all kinds of troubles into their lives when attracting trouble is not necessary at all. (See Higher Power Course Update)

Question: Why do people attract trouble?

Answer: People are programmed to attract trouble. From a very early age people are programmed to believe their fears, doubts and worries are real and if they don't pay attention to them they will end up in trouble. The reality is when people pay attention to their fears, doubts and worries they attract all kinds of troubles into their lives.

Trouble has an hypnotic effect on people. That's why when there is trouble in the news, it gets peoples attention immediately. People can't seem to help themselves. They sit in the comfort of their homes and spend hours watching "events of disaster" unfold on their television sets as if it were the most important thing in the world.

"A Spell of Trouble has been cast upon us and we are thrilled to see other people in trouble because, in some strange way, seeing other people in trouble makes us feel better about ourselves. And yet, unwittingly, by allowing other people's troubles to have an hypnotic effect on us, we are creating the circumstances that attract trouble into our own lives".

People will always stop to be entertained by trouble (either their own or other peoples) until creating a "heaven on earth" life for themselves become more important to them than watching the trouble of others or attracting troubles into their own lives.

When living a life of happiness and abundance becomes more important to you than attracting troubles into your life, that is when the "hypnotic effects of trouble" will no longer have any power over you.


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