15 Thoughts for Successful Living

If you can't learn from failure, don't give it a second thought because if you do,
your attention will be on failing rather than on succeeding in everything that you do.

Rather than fearing rejection become the master of it by putting yourself in the face
of rejection every single day of your life... You master something by facing it head on,
not by hiding from it or trying to avoid it.

You are RICH when you are being yourself and you are POOR when you are trying
to be what other people want you to be.

Never make what other people think of you more important than what you think of yourself.

Focus on what is right about you and what's wrong with you will disappear from your
life of its own accord.

Thoughts strengthen you and thoughts weaken you, choose the thoughts that strengthen
you the most.

When it comes to yourself, the opinion that counts most, in your life, is the opinion you
have of yourself.

It doesn't matter if no one loves you, what matters is if you love yourself and in loving
yourself, others will too!

Don't lean on other people, lean on your own inner strength; it is there if you will go
within and seek it out.

All thoughts that make you feel powerful, loved and secure are the thoughts you should
think about the most.

No one can defeat you without your permission.

Being a victim serves no one, especially yourself, while being victorious serves everyone
including yourself.

You are more magnificent, powerful and lovable than you think you are and if I know
this to be true about you, so can you!

The only real weakness we, as human beings, have is underestimating the part our
very own thoughts played in creating the circumstances we have today.

All thoughts that trouble you are just thoughts. Change your thoughts and the instant
you do, what troubled you will disappear from your view.


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