Letting Go of the Painful Past

You cannot let go of the past until you let go of the pain of the past. And you can not let go of the pain of the past until you are willing to feel the pain of the past until it produces tears in you and makes you weep and cry like a baby.

This process is known as Emotional Forgiveness. When we cry, we are emotionally forgiving others for harming us and forgiving ourselves for allowing ourselves to be harmed, by others, in the first place.

Feeling the pain of the past is a lot easier than you think and the relief you will feel when your tears begin flowing will be heaven sent and you will be free from your painful past, once and for all.

Crying is a natural reflex God built-into us to instantly release pain from a hurtful experience and that's why you rarely see an unhappy baby. The moment a baby experiences hurt, it cries it eyes out until all hurt is released from its physical body. Once that happens, a baby returns to its natural state of happiness.

Unfortunately this "natural reflex of crying" when we were hurt, during our growing up years, was suppressed by the adults around us. Because this natural reflex was suppressed, it is difficult for many adults to emotionally let go of the past. If you cannot cry, you can not have the "emotional release" necessary to heal yourself from past hurts, disappointments and injustices that have happened to you.

If you can not easily cry to release the pain of your past, I have two options for you. One is reading the book titled Cure By Crying by Thomas Stone. This out of print book is not cheap ($59.90) but it is worth every penny of it. There are a few of these out of print books available from private sellers. Read more about the book and where you can purchase a copy of it by Clicking Here

When I practiced this "emotional forgiveness" technique (Cure By Crying) on myself, I lost 40 lbs., naturally, without dieting. I developed more energy and enthusiasm for life than I ever thought possible. In addition, my powers of concentration increased substantially and my ability to think clearly about complicated things amazed me. The best part was, the physical symptoms I was experiencing, prior to releasing the pain of my past, that indicated my body was becoming ill, disappeared without a trace. This is a powerful method of releasing the pain of your past without spending years in therapy or taking drugs that only numb and sedate your feelings rather than healing them.

Learning the "Emotional Forgiveness" Method

I will coach any club member in this method of "emotional forgiveness" for one hour, free of charge, via telephone. You must be a club member in order to qualify for this free coaching session. You are not obligated to participate in any additional sessions. However, if you do want to be coached more on this technique, after your free session with me, my fee for this service is $300.00 an hour. If you are interested in taking advantage of a free coaching session with me, contact me by Clicking Here.

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