The Magic of Believing

Beliefs are powerful things, they attract to us or push away from us what we want.

"Do what you love and the money will follow" is a new belief for many people. If this is a new belief for you, protect it, nurture it, strengthen it until this belief becomes so strong in you that nothing or no one can shake you from this belief and then what you believe will come true for you with effortless ease.

When I first acquired this new belief, I was thrilled with the idea that all I had to do was do what I loved to do as a way of making money and the money would follow but it didn't. I was puzzled as to why this belief wasn't working for me. It took some time for me to realize that the skeptical side of me was always undermining this belief and making me doubt it.

Every time I did what I loved to do, if the money didn't follow as quickly as I thought it should, I began to question the validity of this belief, to doubt it. It took some time for me to realize that as long as I doubted or questioned this belief, it would never come true for me.

These days, this belief is a fact of life for me. I only do what I love to do, when it comes to making money, and the more I do what I love, the more money that flows into my life effortlessly.

Recommended Book:

The Magic of Believing
By Claude Bristol

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Reviewer Comments

Absolutely Wonderful!, February 27, 2000

I find myself wondering if the reviewer below me and I read the same book! Antiquated nonsense? No way. When you stop and consider that everything around you at this moment was first the "thought" of you or someone else you begin to see the amazing power of thought and belief.

Even the natural world and all its splendor was first the thought of a Higher Power or Force. So you can see how powerful this thing called belief is. As a matter of fact, there is NOTHING that you do that is not preceded by a thought of some kind.

When this book is applied to your own life you will find powerful changes that your belief effected. The "mirror technique" is particularly potent as are the exercises for auto-suggestion. It seems to me that the Creator gave us complete power over but one thing and that is our own minds. People who run this book down or make sarcastic statements about it show that they don't know the force and power of their own minds.

Every single day of your life you get up and then go to sleep. In both of those activities and the countless ones in between, you are conciously using the power of belief in all that you say and do. Trouble is, people get "lulled in" to accepting the bare minimum of life and after years of familial, educational, societal, and personal programming, they forget that they literally have a gold mine between their ears.

If you doubt this, then try and think of one case of anyone achieving success without even the most rudimentary use of the power of belief. This book helps you learn not only how to use your own inherent power, but learn to use it wisely. This book, in my opinion is the best book of its kind to ever be published. Everything that followed in this genre of self-help were take-offs on this.


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