Smiling Meditation

Most of the meditations I have come across require more time and effort than I am willing to put into them. I believe in the power of meditation to relieve stress and increase our level of energy but I don't believe in making meditation hard.

In the book that I shared with you in a previous message titled "Be free where you are," there is a chapter in the book titled: Smiling As a Practice. After reading that chapter I creating a "smiling meditation" for myself. Here is how it works.

When people or circumstances in your life begin to make you feel uptight, smile at them. Smiling expand the cells in the body and allow the energy in our body to flow freely which allows us to feel light-hearted regardless of the people or circumstances around us.

When we frown, it contracts the cells of our body and shuts down the flow of energy in our body and that's why we feel so uptight. In addition, when you smile at people who are being unpleasant around you, it disarms them and makes them either change the subject or they will leave your presence and go annoy someone else instead.

The next time unpleasant circumstances or people show up in your life, begin smiling at them on the inside until the smile works it way to the outside of you naturally and then watch how quickly peace returns to you...

You will be amazed at how powerful this simple "smiling meditation" is when it comes to keeping you centered and balanced when those around you are freaking out. While it might not seem logical to smile at unpleasant situations or people in your life, life is not about being logical all the time, life is about doing what works.


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