Smiling at his problems.

He had many problems but he smiled at them all. People thought he was crazy, he smiled at them too. He kept smiling through the dark days of his life and allowed whatever came his way "to be" and pretty soon he experienced more abundance and prosperity, in his life. than a king.

The same people who thought him crazy saw this magical change in his life and thought him lucky now. Little did they know the secret he knew. He knew that by smiling at the things in his life he did not want, he was allowing those things to harmlessly pass him by.

In allowing what he did not want to pass him by, he was making room for the things he did want to show up in his life, naturally. Some people saw this change in his life as magical but he knew differently, he knew his "attitude of allowing" made it possible for his good to come his way with no effort at all.

Smile at your "resistance" to the bad things that show up in your life and those things will disappear from your life as quickly as they entered your life.

It is your "fear" of bad things that attracts them into your life and and it is your "resistance to them, once they show up in your life, that makes them persist in your life.

Resistance is futile, surrender is inevitable and when you do; Oh, what a magical life you will live; a life filled with love, health and prosperity, in abundance, that will take your breath away and move you to tears.

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