What are you grateful for today?

As some of you know from reading the articles on this site, there is magic in expressing gratitude for what we have. In fact, expressing gratitude for what we have guarantees that we will have more.

Many of us have things in our life that we are not grateful for and it's important that we shift our focus away from those things we are not grateful for. Here's why:

When we focus our attention on what we are unhappy about or not grateful for, we attract into our lives more of those things we do not want. Our mind is a POWERFUL thing and always delivers to us what we focus our attention on the most.

Before I started the practice of gratitude I was an ingrate. In other words, I wasn't grateful for anything and because I wasn't, life stripped me of everything I had, literally. Nothing changed in my life until I became grateful for what I had and since everything had been stripped away from me, I started with small things.

Among around things, the thing I was most grateful for is that I finally learned my lesson, albeit the hard way, that being ungrateful for what I had resulted in me having less, much less, instead of more.

If you begin the practice of focusing on what you are grateful for, over next 30 day, and leave alone what you are not grateful for, watch what an amazing difference that will make in your life.


To begin the practice of gratitude, click on the "comments link" at the end of this message and post anonymously, if you wish, what you are grateful for today.


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  1. I'm so grateful for my eternal salvation and God's on going daily protection and provision now