Your 'Spirit Guide'

Every person on this planet has a spirit guide. These guides are our personal messengers from God. Spirit guides are at our side from the moment we are born until the moment we die. However because each of us has free will, spirit guides never intrude into our daily affairs or make themselves known to us unless we invite them into our lives. This has to be a conscious choice on our part.

When you make the "conscious choice" to invite your spirit guide into your life, your spirit guide begins the work of making a physical connection to you that makes you feel safe and secure.

Your guide has the ability to manipulate the physical universe. Once you invite your guide into your life be on the alert for physical signs your guide produces as a way to prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that your guide is the real deal and not a figment of your imagination.

Your part is to step out in "faith" and invite your spirit guide into your life. Your spirit guide will do the work of making sure you are aware of his or her presence in your life in very real and tangible ways...

The purpose of a spirit guide is to teach us how to move away from a fear-based way of thinking, that is the cause of all human suffering, to thinking only thoughts of love in all that we say and do.

The kind of love spirit guides teach us about is not a sentimental form of love, it is a form of love with real power. This love allows people, who develop a strong connection to their guide, to thrive and prosper mentally, emotionally and physically as well as financially with little or no effort at all.


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