Our Powerful Mind!

Our mind is a most powerful thing, more powerful than we know. In fact, we have been so used to having a mind for such a long, long time that we take its power completely for granted.

Our mind is like a GENIE in a bottle, it will deliver to us whatever we tell it to deliver but we have to be the one's in charge and give our mind its COMMANDS. This is where DAILY AFFIRMATIONS come in. With daily affirmation we are "consciously" programming our mind to deliver to us what we want, without fail.

If we tell our mind that our life is perfect in every way it will, in a short period of time, begin delivering evidence to us that makes that affirmation come true. However, If we let our mind operated off the beliefs of others that everything that happens to us, in life, is by randomness and chance, then that is how the events in our life will unfold for us.

When we let the beliefs of others or society dictate what our mind will deliver to us, they are in control of our destiny and we are not.... However, if we seize back control of our mind and only entertain those thoughts that we want to come true for us, then the thoughts we focus our attention on the most WILL come true.


Our MIND is the divinely inspired COMPUTER given to us at the time of our birth by our Creator and we are its MASTER. We are not our MIND, we are the MASTER of our mind. In fact, our mind is the model that computer scientists used to create the physical computer you are using right now.


There is a new way of thinking

There is a new way of thinking that is available to each of us that is so powerful and so reassuring that when you start thinking in this new way, you will be moved to tears. Life will become so easy for you, in spite of the circumstances around you, that you will wonder why you didn't discover this new way of thinking a long time ago.

There are only two ways to think; thinking thoughts coming from fear and thinking thoughts coming from love. Thoughts coming from fear attract into our life what we fear. Thoughts coming from love attract into our life what we love. One way of thinking pushes what we want away from us, the other way of thinking attracts what we want to us. The choice to only think thoughts of love in all that we say and do is an individual choice each of us must make in our own time and in our own way.

Fear of Loss

The moment we fear losing something, we have already lost it.

Feeling Sorry

The problem with feeling sorry for someone is that it doesn't make them stronger and it weakens you too. Why would you feel sorry for someone when you know how powerful they truly are and that the situation they have is a result of the misuse of their very own power?

Have compassion for them because they misused their power but never feel sorry for them because that only reinforces the mistaken belief that they have no real power at all. When people learn to live life BEYOND HOPE that is when they will discover their authentic power that requires no hope at all.

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Crazy Thinking is the Best Kind

Crazy means to be possessed with enthusiasm and excitement for a new way of thinking that has come upon you that supplies you with the answers and solutions you have been seeking for a long, long time.

A Strange kind of Wanting...

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it hurt to want it?

As example, you want prosperity so badly that it hurts to want it. It might not be prosperity you want, it could be love or experiencing fully restored health. You want it badly, desperately and yet this kind of "wanting" has never allowed you to have what you want no matter how hard you have tried to achieve it.

This particular kind of wanting doesn't work and yet people won't give up it up even though giving up feeling desperate for what they want will bring what they want into their life with no effort at all.

The Truth

The truth is not always pretty but the truth always works. When all else fails, you can count on the truth setting you free. However, on occasions, before the truth sets you free, it shall piss you off!

Hang On

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. - Thomas Jefferson


Have you ever noticed how quickly you catch hell when you do something wrong and how long it takes before someone compliments you for all the good things you do? There is certainly an abundance of criticism in this world but criticism never makes a person feel good about themselves while compliments always do.

Be Compassionate

Be compassionate with yourself in all ways. Generously extend forgiveness to yourself for the mistakes you make and then you will know the gifts you give to yourself are what other people are seeking too!

Upsetting Thoughts

Upsetting thoughts are not worthy of you. Dismiss those thoughts as untrue and only think thoughts that make you feel the good about yourself because that's how God wants you to think about you!

God doesn't create junk

God doesn't create junk and he didn't create junk when he made you. He created someone unique and special, a one of kind jewel that He will never duplicate again. See yourself as God see's you; blameless, innocent and true and once you begin seeing yourself as God see's you, others will too.


There is something very attractive about people who feel comfortable in their own skin and accept themselves as they are without the need to change themselves in any way. Few people have this attitude of complete self-acceptance. However for the ones who do, they attract all sorts of wonderful things into their lives that people who do not accept themselves, exactly as they are, never do.