Blaming God - Commentary

It is amazing how many things we blame God for. We don't call it blame, we use a nicer word, we call it God's Will. People tragically die in a school shootout and I hear people say as a way of explanation that it must have been God's Will. Isn't that blaming God to say it was God's Will? Aren't we making God responsible for the tragedy rather than the human being or beings who actually caused the tragedy?

Think about this for a moment, 98% of all the bad things that happen, in life, are because of what one human being does to another. War, street violence, pollution and stress that lowers the ability of the human body to heal itself, isn't that all a result of human beings doing it to each other???

As human beings, individually and collectively, we are responsible for all the good and bad in this world with the exception of what nature does to us. On the other hand, maybe our thoughts, which are things, influence nature's behavior and what nature does to us is a result of the collective consciousness of mankind, maybe....

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