Quickest Way Out of NEGATIVE Thinking.

Quickest Way Out of NEGATIVE Thinking.

My Goal in life is to never disappoint myself and to do the ordinary, extraordinarily well.  Being human, I do disappoint myself from time to time. How do I disappoint myself? I disappoint myself any time I allow anyone or anything to make me unhappy for longer than a moment.

Granted people and circumstances can makes us unhappy but whether or not we stay in an unhappy state of mind is up to us.  Staying unhappy because something happened that made us unhappy WILL NOT change what happened. That being the case, the question is then raised, so why remain unhappy? Going from a state of unhappiness to happiness is like flipping a light switch when we flip our thoughts from negative to positive ones. 


Tip #1 - Unhappiness consists of dark thoughts and because it does it is harder to find the switch that will allow you to flip your thoughts to positive ones.  The easiest way to flip the 'thought switch' is find someone in your life to inspire, encourage and make them feel better than they did a moment before. It never fails when you inspire and encourage others, you inspire and encourage yourself first.

Tip #2 - Resisting your unhappiness when you are unhappy will only keep you stuck being unhappy for a longer period of time. Instead of putting your energy into resisting (cursing the darkness) put your energy into the things that make you happy and forget about what made you unhappy.

Tip #3 - Happiness is our natural state. We were born happy and learned how to be unhappy. We learned it so well that being unhappy for many people is an automatic way of thinking that they never think about twice. The reason people aren't happier, more often, is that they don't trust their good feelings as much as they trust their bad ones.

Tip #4 - The more you learn to trust your good feeling and dismiss your bad feelings as not worthy of you, the happier you will become. The happier you become, the easier it will be for you to attract into your life all the love, health, money and prosperity you can handle. 

Question:  What do I do when my unhappy thoughts are strangling the poop out of me?

Answer: Associate your breathing with happiness. When you breathe in, you are breathing in happiness and when you are exhaling, you are exhaling all that makes you unhappy.  When your unhappy thoughts are strangling the poop out of you, focus your attention away your unhappy thoughts and focus your attention exclusively on your breathing and before your know it, your mind will begin to think happy thoughts once again. Studies show more oxygen to the brain makes people happier and less depressed. That's why I use this breathing exercise everyday when I feel anything in my life trying to pinch off my flow of abundant happiness.

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